Who I am, and why I write

Welcome! My name is Erin Manning, and I write clean Young Adult fiction for ages 12 and up. I'm an avid reader and I've been...

The Adventures of Ordinary Sam

The Adventures of Ordinary Sam is a clean YA fantasy/magic series for ages 13 and up. Five books are planned in this series, and four of them are currently available for sale.  The books in this series include:

1. The Sand Stone:

Sam Oldfield is an ordinary kid with an ordinary life. Or is he? When he wakes up in a hospital he is told he's been missing for three days—so why does he remember nearly a year's worth of adventures in a magical kingdom in another world? Was all of it a dream? Did Sam really imagine a wise old magician, a cranky but loyal bird, a beautiful bossy princess, and the Sand Stone itself, whose power Sam alone could wield? That can't be true. But if the magical world of Ebdyrza and all of Sam's memories are real, then there really is an Enchanter's War, too. And the Enchanters may end up in Sam's world seeking to destroy the Sand Stone, and Sam with it.

2. Stormslinger:

Most days, Sam Oldfield seems like an ordinary kid. But it's hard to be ordinary when you're really a powerful Enchanter destined to save a magical kingdom. Other Enchanters have been using their magic for evil, and Sam may be the only one who can stop them, thanks in part to the mysterious and magical Sand Stone that only Sam can use.Some days, Sam wonders what's more important: learning to use magic to save the kingdom of Ebdyrza, or passing seventh-grade math? At least Christmas break will be normal—or so Sam thinks, until the spell keeping Enchanters from crossing the Divide into the ordinary world is destroyed by an Enchanter Sam would rather not meet again. And when Sam and his friends must flee into Ebdyrza to escape a powerful enemy, Sam's worlds collide at last, as Sam must be prepared to fight not only an enemy, but a member of his own family.

3. Sky-Tangler:

Sam Oldfield’s life is far from ordinary these days. His cousin Eric now lives in Fairview and is teaching Sam to use Enchanter’s magic properly. Sam’s mom knows about Ebdyrza and is quickly becoming friends with Kittritt, Sam’s sky-tangler friend. But not everything is going well; Sam’s dad has been strangely distant and is impatient to help Eric move out of the Oldfield’s home. Sam thinks his father will understand everything if Sam can just tell his dad about Ebdyrza. But before Sam can find a way to do that, danger strikes both in Ebdyrza and in Fairview. As Sam and his friends cross the Divide into Ebdyrza again, they find that the evil Paragons have taken steps to keep them trapped there—and they will stop at nothing to get Sam in their power.

4. The Shifting Sands:

Sam Oldfield is trapped in Ebdyrza. On the one hand, he now knows the identity of all three of the Paragons, the evil Enchanters trying to take over the magical land. On the other hand, a reckless bargain Sam made with the Paragons’ leader to free his family from their power has backfired, and Sam is trapped in the most dangerous place in all Ebdyrza: the Shifting Sands. Alone, stranded, and struggling to stay alive, Sam realizes that time may run out for him before he can escape. But if he can’t figure out a way out of this deadly desert, Sam may not be able to stop the Paragons from their most evil plan yet—a machine that drains the magic from helpless creatures and makes the Paragons’ army unstoppable.

5. The Shield of Ebdyrza--Coming Soon!