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Welcome! My name is Erin Manning, and I write clean Young Adult fiction for ages 12 and up. I'm an avid reader and I've been...

Tales of Telmaja

Tales of Telmaja is a clean YA science fiction series for ages 13 and up. There will be ten books in the series; as of right now, nine of those books have been published and are available for sale on Amazon. The tenth and final book is in the editing process and should be available in 2019.

The books include:

1. The Telmaj:

He’s been alone for as long as he can remember. But Smijj dreams of escaping the ugly space station that’s never been a real home and starting life over. Surely there’s adventure waiting in the galaxy for a thief who can teleport…except that Smijj’s teleporting skills are almost as bad as his attempts at stealing things. And when he accidentally teleports aboard a small cargo ship, Smijj finds out how dangerous it is in the galaxy for people with his kind of gift.

2. A Smijj of Adventure:

Smijj is a Telmaj, which means he can travel vast distances and even move spaceships across the galaxy just by wishing. But Smijj is the most gifted Telmaj anyone has ever seen, and because of him the Telmaj people are finally taking a stand against the Unified Government and Telmaj slavery. He wants to take part in the fight for freedom. Instead, he has to deal with boredom, overprotective friends and this thing called school...

Smijj realizes that his people are on the brink of war, and he believes he can help, if only the adults will let him. When a chance encounter with an escaped slave holds the promise of an exciting new adventure, Smijj is off and running...but soon he and his friends, both old and new, are running for their lives from the one place in the galaxy Smijj hoped he’d never set foot on again.

3. A Smijj of Danger:

The Telmaj, whose special gift makes faster-than-light travel possible, have been taken as slaves for as long as anybody can remember. But now a war to end that slavery has begun between the Telmaj and the Unified Government--and the Telmaj's secret weapon, the Twenty, are already arising. But will Smijj find the others before the Unified Government does?

Smijj may be young by his people's standards, but he has already proven that he is the fastest and strongest Telmaj anybody has ever heard of, and he's finally being allowed to join the fight. He doesn't mind danger, except when it threatens the people he loves. But he is learning that sometimes the most unexpected dangers can come in the form of trusted allies, and even friends.

4. A Smijj of Conflict:

For far too long, the Telmaj have been taken as slaves by the Unified Government because of their unique ability to travel faster than light. But now Telmaja is at war with the Government to end Telmaj slavery, and some of the other worlds in the galaxy have joined in their fight--especially since a new group off legendary heroes, the Twenty Telmaj, are rising to aid in the battle.

Smijj is happy that three other members of the Twenty have been found so far, but he and his friends want to find the rest before the Government finds them first. His joy at discovering a new member of the Twenty is overshadowed when Ben Trace is kidnapped; now Smijj and his friends must rush to the rescue before Ben ends up in the hands of the Government. And with Smijj away from Telmaja, the news arrives that one of the Twenty may have been taken into slavery. Will Smijj be able to save Ben and the unknown member of the Twenty before the Government can stop him?

5. A Smijj of Strife:

Smijj, the fastest of the Twenty Telmaj, believes he will soon be ready to fight the Unified Government in order to end Telmaj slavery in the galaxy. Right now, he has a different kind of fight on his hands: Arkis just can't get along with Lucien, the newest member of the Twenty, and their constant bickering is taking a toll on Telmaj and Humans alike. 

When Devish gets a message from an old friend asking for a meeting, it seems like the kind of trip that will finally force Arkis and Lucien to work together and get along. Meanwhile, Smijj and some of his other friends head out into the galaxy to investigate a new threat—is the Government planning to make a testing device like Brannon's that will help them find the rest of the Twenty? 

As Smijj and his friends head away from Telmaja, two of Smijj's oldest and deadliest enemies begin to put their own plans into motion. Major Javins has set a sinister trap for Smijj, and so has Jyles Oroque. And if either of them catches him, there may be no escape.

6. A Smijj of Trouble:

It isn't easy being the leader of the Twenty Telmaj in a time of war. It's even harder when Firra, one of Smijj's oldest friends, decides she can no longer support the war or trust the Twenty. But Smijj doesn't have time for personal problems, not with Alcemitron, home of the Robots' Union, seeking an alliance with Telmaja. 

Things aren't always what they seem, however: Alcemitron wants more than an alliance. Someone has stolen an ancient and powerful device from them, a device that the Government might use as a weapon against Telmaja. Smijj and his friends must find the thief and stop him from handing the device over to Xentrova before it's too late—but the thief has a frightening secret of his own that could put Smijj and all of his friends in danger.

7. A Smijj of Havoc:

Smijj, the leader of the Twenty Telmaj, doesn’t always feel like a good leader. There are so many new members of the Twenty that the once close-knit group often seems too chaotic to be Telmaja’s best chance for winning this war. When the Unified Government attacks one of Telmaja’s allies, a small artificial world, Smijj agrees to bring as many of the Twenty to help the survivors as he can. But there’s a deadly plot to capture Lucien, and Smijj doesn’t guess that asking Lucien to go to Yylex is playing right into the kidnapper’s hands. When Smijj realizes that Lucien is gone and no attempt to find him can be made until the war victims are brought to safety, his ability to control both the Twenty and his own impulsive nature will be put to the test.

8. A Smijj of Disaster:

Smijj, the leader of the Twenty Telmaj, is eager to get back to the fight against the Unified Government, especially after the terrible attack on Yylex, an artificial world that was one of Telmaja’s allies. Right now, Smijj has another task: getting ready for the official palace event at which Prince Talien will introduce his royal great-nieces to the people of Telmaja. It seems like the wrong time to be learning palace etiquette and preparing to celebrate the return of Telmaja’s two young princesses. When a chance to lead a mission to a place far from Telmaja arises, Smijj is glad to take on the job. But Smijj doesn’t know that a sinister scientist has engineered a deadly plot that involves Telmaja itself; and Smijj can’t guess that in his absence, his dearest friend will wind up in the gravest danger of all.

9. A Smijj of Courage:

Far from Telmaja and separated from all of his friends, Smijj is trapped on a Government prison planet. Luckily he has met a new ally who is helping him make plans for a daring escape. But their plans are complicated when the ship they board is hiding a secret: a new member of the Twenty, an escaped slave on the run from the Unified Forces. As Smijj desperately tries to make his way back home, Lucien must race to rescue another of the Twenty who is fleeing from her life as a slave. But in his absence Taika finds herself leading the Twenty at the very moment when the Unified Forces seem poised to bring the war to Telmaja. To win this fight, the Twenty need Smijj to come home before it’s too late.

10: A Smijj of Hope:

At long last, the Twenty Telmaj are together. The time has come to end Telmaj slavery once and for all. Smijj knows what they need to win this fight: an ancient ship tethered to Celef Station, his former home. But an old enemy threatens the Twenty’s careful plans to collect the mysterious ship just as the Unified Government captures members of Ranym’s family. When Smijj and his friends learn of the Inner Circle’s plot to turn their Human allies against Telmaja they must work fast to stop their foes from succeeding. They are in for the fight of their lives, but if they fail, their dream of ending Telmaj slavery might never come true.