Who I am, and why I write

Welcome! My name is Erin Manning, and I write clean Young Adult fiction for ages 12 and up. I'm an avid reader and I've been...

Other books

On this page you will find a list of my other published works, along with a brief description and a note of the age of the book's intended market.

Lye's Blood is a clean young adult (YA) stand-alone novel. It is a paranormal romance inspired by the Regency romance style, but set in an alternate universe:

Sarah Grey isn’t sure what’s more bewildering: her grief at her father’s death, her new life in bustling Kingsport, or her aunt’s determination to see Sarah make a brilliant marriage. As Sarah’s period of mourning ends and she enters Kingsport’s busy social life, there are only two things she knows for sure. One is that the people of Kingsport are too fond of mermaids, who ensure the shipping town’s prosperity. The other is that Aunt Lyda is too inclined to hope that Sarah will marry Octavian Lye, the town’s most important and most eligible bachelor. Sarah has other ideas for her future. Before she can act on them, the town is gripped with terror: there is a vampire in Kingsport, preying on young girls. Sarah is the first to learn the shocking truth behind the sinister attacks—but the truth leads to terrible secrets and hidden dangers for Sarah and the people she loves.