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A Smijj of Hope is now available!

I'm pleased to announce that the tenth and final book in my Tales of Telmaja sci-fi series, A Smijj of Hope, is now available for sale! Click the links below to see the book:

A Smijj of Hope--paperback edition

A Smijj of Hope--ebook edition

A word about pricing: as long-time readers know, I try to keep the prices of both my print books and ebooks as low as possible. This time, I had to increase the price of the paperback to $15.99 (US) only because A Smijj of Hope is the longest book I've ever published, at nearly 400 pages, and that affects the printing prices. In order to be able to list the book for sale internationally I have to follow Amazon's pricing guidelines, so I won't accidentally offer the book at a loss in any market. As always, though, the ebook is $2.99, and I have enrolled the ebook in Kindle Unlimited so that KU users can read it for free.

This has been a long journey. I wrote the first draft of what would eventually be the first book in the series, The…

Editing is for everyone

As I continue the final editing process for A Smijj of Hope, I thought this might be a good time to share a little bit about what it's like to edit a book as an indie writer.

Every indie/self-published writer is different, and everyone's editing process will vary, but for me editing has three distinct stages: the initial editing stage, the middle stage, and the final stage.

The initial editing stage ideally takes place not too long after I've written the last word of the last chapter of my work-in-progress. While it's a good idea to wait just a little while, I have found over the years that a quick read-through soon after finishing the first draft is a good way to catch really obvious typos as well as note any glaring contiunity areas or places that simply need work. In the initial phase, I might take some notes about these things, but I'm not usually ready to dive in and make those major changes.

The middle phase of editing is where the heavy work gets done. I…

A Smijj of Hope--Coming Soon!

I realize this blog has been sadly neglected; I still haven't quite figured out how to use it properly.

But I'm excited to let everybody know that I am now in the final editing stages of A Smijj of Hope, and if all goes well it should be available for sale by the end of May.

Thank you for your patience!