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Monday, June 17, 2019


It's a new week, and I'm determined this week to achieve my editing goals. So naturally I haven't edited at all today.

But...this time it was on purpose. I realized that some of my muddle from the previous weeks (apart from being unusually busy last week) was due to a general air of chaos at home. I used to laugh at the idea that writers could be sensitive to atmosphere, but now I think there's something to it. It's not that I can't work amidst chaos--I can, and have. It's just that when you have a writing-related task to do you will sometimes be in the mindset where any other task seems disproportionately important, and you will fritter away your whole day doing laundry and dishes, making meal plans and cooking, or cleaning out your email inbox instead of buckling down to the job at hand.

So today I spent my time getting things organized and clean, and setting some things in motion that will make life a bit easier over the next couple of days. I can now spend some much-needed hours on my editing tasks in the daytime when I'm not fighting to stay awake. With editing, that's important.