Who I am, and why I write

Welcome! My name is Erin Manning, and I write children's fiction for children ages eight and up.

I'm an avid reader and I've been telling and writing stories pretty much my whole life. My favorite books have always been works of imaginative fiction that take you to mysterious lands, far-off planets, or mystical realms of wonder and magic. One of my greatest joys as a homeschooling mom was getting to introduce my three daughters to some of my favorite books and authors and to join with my girls in the quest to find new, exciting books that would inspire them.

There are a lot of really good new children's books being written today. Unfortunately, publishing has changed. Books for young adults, which are marketed to children as young as twelve, often contain overt and graphic sexual content, gratuitous violence, obscene language, and morally ambiguous use of drugs and alcohol. The offerings for younger children include many books which pander to the audience by presenting adult characters as stupid or clueless, by using vulgar language and endless toilet humor, or by encouraging bad attitudes and "bratty" behavior among the protagonists. Children's books don't have to be like this, and self-publishing offers writers like me a way to make a difference. 

My tremendously supportive husband has always encouraged me to continue writing, and I started writing children's books while I was still teaching our daughters at home. My first book, The Telmaj, was published in 2012. 

I continued homeschooling our daughters until our youngest finished high school in 2016. I also continued writing books in the Tales of Telmaja series and began several other writing projects, including a new series, The Adventures of Ordinary Sam. None of my books would be possible without the efforts of my volunteer Advance Reader Team, whose help is invaluable to me.

Currently I have fourteen books available, including my first YA book! Please click on the "Buy My Books Here" tab at the top of this page to visit my Amazon Author page and learn a lot more about each book I've written. And if you have any questions, please contact me!


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